Pkg packaging machine
PKG Group


Break the limits, be unbreakable.
That’s our outlook on the world.
We could start by saying we’re “a leading company in the packaging machinery industry that provides a fully-comprehensive service” or that “we’re the best and so are our machines and… blah blah blah”.
Boring isn’t it?
Anyway, it seems they’re all leading and innovative companies.

Rather we like to be the no-nonsense packaging machinery company (we wanted to use another word, but they say it's not proper).

We like to think that we are a company that’s not afraid to get outside of the box and one that always sets itself new limits.

To the monotony of an industry, of a market or of everyday life, we prefer people who use their own heads, who are not scared to tread their own path, even at the risk of appearing “different” to everyone else.

We like those who, with the idea of seeking constant improvement, stop at nothing. Just like packaging at its best.  

This is the same concept that guides us in designing functional and efficient packaging machines, and in our ongoing quest for solutions to simplfy and improve the job of those who prefer us. 


Why prefer us then?

For example because, from the design of our machines through to the services provided, our paramount aim is always to cater to the needs of all our customers.

Which means more than the usual old rigmarole about "putting the customer at the centre of things", and is simply the pure truth: a problem for a customer means a problem for us too; customer satisfaction means our satisfaction. And nobody prefers problems to being satisfied, right?


Or maybe you should prefer us because we've been around for quite a while and over the years we can safely say we’ve learnt a thing or two. For example, we know well what fundamental characteristics a good packaging machine should have and what the main requirements of our customers are.

We know how nerve-wrackings (to say the least) it is to have a machine at a standstill, waiting to be serviced or for a spare part or even worse, having to change a whole machine due to a single damaged component part.

Well, ours are no-nonsense machines, in full PKG style, designed to ensure that our customers, and therefore ourselves, do not have to face these problems (to say the least).


So yes, we are a packaging machine manufacturer. But think of us as a no-nonsense ones.