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Vertical machinery


Self-propelled Pallet Wrapper

Motion is the ready-for-anything machine!
A self-propelled wrapping machine for wrapping pallets of any size, weight and shape. 

Perfect for using either stretch film or netting. 

Legenda dimensioni
  Motion / E-Motion
  min MAX
L 400
W 400
H 500 2200
H (option) 500 2700
H (option) 500 3000
H (option) 500 3500
Kg 50



Technical features

  • 2 AGV batteries 12 v – 110 ah serial connected.
  • High frequency battery charger integrated.
  • Load height sensing photocell.
  • Wrapping height max. 2200 mm. (2700 mm, 3000 mm optional).
  • Indication alarms.
  • Opening for forklift Left&right.
  • Key block.
  • Weight of film used (for MPS-MPS2 on request).


Parameters adjustable from panel

  • Rotation speed of robot.
  • Carriage speed separated in Ascend/Descend.
  • Number of rounds separated in top/bottom.
  • Photocell sensing delay
  • Tension of film separated in ascend/descend (excl. MB).
  • Pre-stretch ratio of film separated in ascend/descend (only MPS2).
  • Reinforcement wraps (only with MOTION).
  • Film cutting system on/off (excl. MB).
  • Start of cycle at preinstalled height (MOTION).
  • Height of reinforcement wraps (only with MOTION).

Base cycles selectable from panel

  • Cycle ascend & descend.
  • Cycle only ascend/descend.

Functions activated on base cycle

  • Top sheet function
  • Wrapping cycle with height meter (without photocell).
  • Wrapping cycle for large pallets.
  • Wrapping cycle with start from a height to choice (MOTION).
  • Wrapping cycle with reinforcement at pre-installed height (MOTION).
  • Wrapping cycle with start from 1 point and stop on preinstalled height (MOTION).
  • Cycle in layers.
  • Push buttons for manual movement of machine.



The machine Motion / E-Motion is available with the following carriages MB - EB - MPS - MPS2