Pkg app per macchine per imballaggio

PKG pr04

Machines controllable by desktop and mobile phone app

To communicate with the machines made by Pkg, an App is now available. After identifying the machine in Wi-Fi, its programs, functions and value can be set by means of Smartphone, Tablet and PC. Error management becomes more efficient as errors, causes and solutions can be read directly on your device.

Multi-language app

Multi-language app, with over 5 available languages.

Configuration panel

From the panel, the rate can be configured at which the machines are interrogated. (e.g. every 30 seconds, every 2 minutes, every 5 minutes).


The software permits controlling all the machine configurations and displaying error states. The first display page of the Desktop Application provides an overview of the state of all the machines.

Error logging

Saving of last 30 errors for each machine linked to the system, so as to be able to send them to PKG assistance for initial remote diagnosis.

Scheduled checkup

The software interrogates the machine state at regular intervals, displaying when a machine is in error state and the related code.

Default settings

Possibility of saving program and setting default parameters on each machine.