Pkg macchinari per packaging
Vertical machinery


The smart automatic wrapping machine ideal for creating a packaging station with motor-driven roller-conveyor infeed and outfeed. 

Legenda dimensioni
ø 1800
L 1200
W 1000
H 2500
H (option) 3000
H (option) 3300
H (option) 3700
Kg 1800



Technical features

  • Turntable ø 1800 mm.
  • Max. Load weight: 1500 Kg.
  • Max. Load dimensions:1000x1200 mm.
  • Load height sensing photocell.
  • Wrapping height Max. 2300 mm*.
  • Height of roll conveyors from floor: 190 mm to 500 mm.
  • Indication alarms.
  • Automatic clamp and cutting system.


Parameters adjustable from control panel

  • Rotation speed of turntable.
  • Carriage speed separated in Ascend/Descend.
  • Number of rounds separated in top/bottom.
  • Photocell sensing delay. 
  • Tension of film separated in ascend/descend/top/bottom
  • Pre-stretch ratio of film separated in ascend/descend/top/bottom (only MPS2)
  • Height of reinforcement wraps with adjustment of number of rounds.

Product details

  • Unit for film cutting and tail attachment.
  • Optional welding unit for film tail.
  • clamp for attachment film.

Functions to activate on automatic cycle

  • Wrapping with pre-set height.
  • Number of reinforcement wraps at pre-set height.
  • Layer cycle.
  • Cycle with pressure unit.



The machine SmartWrap-A is available with the following carriages EB - MPS - MPS2