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Vertical machinery


Wingwrap is the wrapping machine with wings!

Thanks to its rapid-rotation arm, it is easy to use and able to satisfy any performance requirement while always providing reliability and strength. 

Legenda dimensioni
ø 2000 2200
L 1200 1400
W 1200 1400
H 2500 2500
H (option) 2000 2000
H (option) 3000 3000



Technical features

  • Max. Load dimensions: 1200x1200 mm.
  • Load height sensing photocell.
  • Wrapping height Max. 2500 mm.
  • Indication alarms.
  • Opening for forklift front/back.
  • Key block


Parameters adjustable from contol panel

  • Rotation speed of rotary arm. 
  • Carriage speed separated in Ascend/Descend. 
  • Number of rounds separated in top/bottom.
  • Photocell sensing delay.
  • Tension of film separated in ascend/descend/top/bottom.
  • Pre-stretch ratio of film separated in ascend/descend/top/bottom (only MPS2)
  • Film cutting system on / off
  • Start of cycle at preinstalled height. (ADVANCED)
  • Height of reinforcement wraps with adjustment of number of rounds. (ADVANCED)
  • Activate / Deactivate pressure unit. 

Basic cycles

  • Cycle ascend & descend.
  • Cycle only ascend/descend.
  • Manual cycle

Functions to activate on automatic cycle

  • Waterproof cycle.
  • Wrapping with pre-fixed height.
  • Layer wrapping cycle. 

Product details

  • Gears for rotation of the arm with high reliability.
  • Predisposition for pneumatic pressure unit.
  • Electrical distributor.



The machine WingWrap is available with the following carriages MB - EB - MPS - MPS2